Why You Should Consider Professionally Monitored Security Systems?


Having a home security system is definitely a great way of improving the security of your home. With the increase in reported cases of crime and anti-social behavior in the US, it only makes sense that you’d want to beef up the security of your home. However, if your security system isn’t being professionally monitored, then you are missing out on critical security features. Professional monitoring services provide an additional protective layer to your home. Nothing can be able to match the peace of mind one gets knowing that there is an extra set of eyes watching over their property at all times.

If you desire to have guaranteed protection of your home 24/7, then professionally monitored security systems are your best option. Monitored security systems communicate with offsite monitoring centers and in case of any emergencies or security situations, the monitoring center dispatches the relevant personnel to your home. This helps to ensure that your home is granted round-the-clock protection no matter where you are.

The demand for professionally monitored security systems has risen drastically as homeowners are starting to realize the numerous benefits they offer as compared to unmonitored systems. If you are planning on having a home security system installed, here is a breakdown of the reasons why a professionally monitored security system is the best option for you.

Professionally Monitored Security Systems Ensure Protection At All Times

A major benefit of having monitored security systems is that you are assured of your home’s protection at any given time. Specialized computer systems monitor the security system of your home in real-time and immediately alert the monitoring center in case a problematic issue arises.

In case of any safety issue, the security company will first contact you, the homeowner, and according to the agreed plan of response, they will contact the police or the relevant emergency service providers. However, with the traditional unmonitored security system, your protection relies solely on the possibility of you or someone close by hearing your alarm system and reacting accordingly. There are major downsides to this as there might not be anybody to respond to the alarm calls or their reaction time might not be fast enough to avoid the situation from getting worse.

Fire Protection

One of the key reasons homeowners prefer monitored security systems is protection from fire. There is no getting around the fact that fire outbreaks are a major issue of concern for homeowners. Not only can fire outbreaks completely damage properties but they are even more dangerous when household members are fast asleep and have no idea of what is going o. When your home is being monitored, however, you and your family can rest easy knowing that you and the local fire department will be notified at the first sign of a fire. Some security systems also have a button that goes straight to your local fire department to alert them if you notice a fire.

Medical Assistance

The benefits of monitored security systems go way deeper than just offering protection. Monitored systems are very beneficial for seniors and those who are medically ill. In case of a medical emergency, it may be difficult for one to get themselves to make a call and ask for immediate assistance. However, with professionally monitored security systems, you can request for immediate medical assistance with the press of a button.

It is clear to see how invaluable monitored home security systems are. Traditional unmonitored security systems can not match the level of protection, convenience, and peace of mind offered by monitored security systems.

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