What Is Executive Coaching, And How Will It Help Me


Has your career as an executive stalled? Do you feel a little overwhelmed by the demands of your career and how you can start moving forward? An executive coach may be the answer. An executive coach can help you unlock your potential, overcome weaknesses, and discover new ways to improve your career. What is executive coaching going to do for you? Let’s take a look.

What Exactly Does An Executive Coach Do?

Do you have the normal misconception of what an executive coach does? Most people start off with the idea that an executive coach is similar to a consultant. Consultants develop plans, execute plans, and do the work. A coach does not.

Think about the coaches you had in school. They helped you prepare, train, and unlock your potential. They did not play the game for you. This is the same thing an executive coach does for you. They help you uncover your strengths, overcome your weaknesses, and improve your performance as an executive.

They do this by being your sounding board. They ask questions to help you clarify the challenges you are trying to overcome. They guide you to think deeper. They challenge long-held beliefs you are using to make decisions, to see if they are really true, or are standing in your way. Your coach helps you define goals and to push your limits, instead of coasting on “good enough”.

Your executive coach helps another way, too. You will be challenged on your interpersonal skills. You will learn new techniques for working with other executives, your team, and your bosses. You develop skills which help you communicate more effectively, so everyone comes together as a team to achieve your goals, instead of going in 100 different directions.

Why Is Executive Coaching Important?

Most commonly, the difference between effective executives and those who struggle is not their skill levels or education. The difference is their ability to communicate, to focus, and to control themselves. It takes self-awareness to achieve your highest potential, which is exactly what an executive coach helps you with.

They coach you to become the best version of you possible, so you can reach your business goals and achieve your personal dreams.

Is Executive Coaching Just For Me?

Executive coaches work in two different ways. You can an executive coach who focuses solely on your needs, or one who works with your entire team.

Imagine the power of unlocking the potential of everyone on your team from your junior executives, your secretaries, and your support staff. If everyone improves their personal performance a few percentage points, the results for your team can be astronomical.

Your executive coach follows a structured plan to get results. They have developed a process which helps you, or your team, unlock your potential. Again, it is very similar to a sports coach, who develops a system of training, an offensive strategy, a defensive strategy, and a strategy to develop the mental strength of his players. Your executive coach pushes, prods, and questions you and your team to uncover your weaknesses, then overcome them.

What is executive coaching going to do for you? It is going to turn you into a more effective executive who is prepared for success, is more relaxed, and more confident.

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