What Are The Most Profitable Venture-Backed Technology Companies?


The signs are there that the approaching decade will bring with it innovation and excitement in the tech sector. Machine learning, along with the Internet, is coming together to create a world that is smarter than anything humans have ever seen. With the breakthroughs in healthcare and biotechnology, promises of advancement are being made to billions around the world. All of these changes are due to some of the most profitable venture-backed technology companies in the world.

Prosperity and independence have been created for many with shared economies. Vehicles that can drive on their own are no longer science fiction. Older businesses are transforming and reinventing themselves before our eyes, and there are plenty of new ones opening up every day. All of this revolution is headed by companies that are on the forefront wanting to create innovation and change.

The following are a few of the technology venture-backed companies that you should keep your eyes on.


Trivia Crack is a name that is familiar to anyone who spends time on their smartphone. This is an app that has become a major hit among users. It went viral in 2016, but it still averages around 20 million active users every day.

As a collective, these users have answered well over 70 billion questions, and they have created over 40 million questions.

The app was developed by Etermax, a company that is based in Buenos Aires. Etermax has raised the bar in mobile app development by creating apps that improve user interaction, unconventional monetization, and details during the creative process.

The company has also partnered with Mattel to create an app based off of the popular game, Pictionary. To date, users have submitted over 100 million drawings. These users are located in 50 countries.

Being in an industry that is known for having plenty of one-hit wonders, Etermax has proven that it has the longevity to release new games in the future.


Self-driving cars have captured the hearts of many around the world. Investors and entrepreneurs alike are looking for an opportunity to join the revolution.

One company that is focused on autonomous driving is Nauto. This is a driving platform that collects data. The data is collected through bidirectional cameras. One of these cameras faces the driver, while the other one collects data from the road. This information is placed into an AI engine that is designed to improve driver safety.

The data allows the company to look for similarities in driver behavior so it can offer education and insight. The main goal is to prevent driver distraction.

The company has been able to raise over $170 million from Reid Hoffman and SoftBank.


Although Airbnb has been able to take over a major slice of the hospitality sector, hotels are also changing the way they operate through innovative platforms. One such software is Cloudbeds. It is a hotel management software that helps these properties with booking and property management. It helps hotels to run more efficiently while also increasing their bottom lines.

These are just a few of the many venture-backed technology companies that are changing the way we live and interact with one another. As technology continues to advance, we can only expect to see more of the companies appear and grow within the industry.

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