Veteran Jobs After Military Service


After retirement from service, soldiers may want to transition into civilian jobs. With the experience that veterans have from the military, they can fit into many industries. Veteran jobs are in demand in many sectors such as security and business. Their skills can be translated and applied in the performance of various civilian jobs including:

1. Most veterans are combat specialties. These individuals have relevant skills, training, and experience in dealing with threats. They can be employed as security specialties in companies. These individuals can also serve as bodyguards for high ranking individuals.

Correctional facilities can be a perfect place for these veterans. They can be employed as correctional officers within such federal facilities. Law enforcement may also include serving as police officers. Veterans can join the police serving and help in maintaining law and order.

2. The military employs computer system analysts to figure out how to improve and optimize their computer systems and networks. Veteran computer scientists and information technologists can work on how to improve computer systems for companies. They can be able to provide analytics on business prospects from generated data. They are equipped with skills to ensure that they shield the systems of an organization from hacking and cyber crimes.

3. Administration personnel can enroll for veteran jobs that suit their skills. Veteran accountants from the military can join accounting and audit firms. They can also join finance and accounting departments of companies. Human resource personnel can opt to join consultancy firms or human resource departments within companies.

4. Healthcare professionals from the military can join healthcare providers after service. Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists can all continue their trade after service. Their skills and experience would be an added advantage to healthcare facilities.

5. Transport and logistics can be done by many military veterans. Veteran pilots can join commercial airlines. Captains of the navy can be recruited to sailing commercial and private ships. Logistics is very important especially in industries such as manufacturing. They can help operate forklifts and cranes with loading and offloading of cargo.

6. Many military veterans are engineers. Veteran jobs in engineering may require individuals would have the training and experience such as those possessed by veterans. There are various types of engineers in the military including civil engineers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and architectural specialists. All of these veterans can transit into civilian jobs especially for engineering companies.

7. Veteran jobs in teaching, training, and development can suit many after retirement. Many individuals within the military are skilled. Doctors, pilots, soldiers, accountants, chefs, engineers, machine operators, and mechanics are all skilled in whatever they do. These veterans can train individuals to master such skill sets. For skilled personnel such as doctors and engineers, they can enroll as lecturers in universities.

There are very veteran jobs after the completion of service. Veterans who still want to work may consider the options that suit them. These jobs may be fulfilling and help a veteran earn decent pay. The government employs many veterans mainly as advisors. This is a great place for veterans to join.

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