Using Utility Locating GPR


Before digging in underground utility areas it’s recommended that utility locating GPR be used to ensure that there aren’t any lines already in the area that is about to be dug. Accidentally digging in such areas can cause widespread outages of utilities and the person digging would be held liable for such damages should they fail to comply with the notices that they need to call and have the ground penetrating radar or GPR come in and ensure what is underground for that particular area.

Regardless of where you’re about to dig, it’s wise to use such utility GPR. There are many situations where this may be required. Underground utilities are far more common today than they were in yesteryear. With so much better technology this is a great way to prevent freezing and other situations where the utilities can be damaged and leave people without their utilities.

Signs designating “call before you dig” are strategically placed and a number is posted on these signs. The information states that you should call 24 to 48 hours prior to digging. They will come out and run the GPR over the area and mark on the ground where you should or shouldn’t dig for the particular project at hand.

This can save thousands on repairs or other situations that could render large regions without their utilities should any damages occur. The GPR works in a similar fashion to a metal detector. The screen is easy to read and the area can be marked.

It’s far less costly to use the GPR than it is to accidentally dig up an area with utility wiring and mess it all up. Believe it or not, something as simple as installing a fence post or mailbox post could wind up taking out a utility. Whether you’re installing a fence, mailbox, playhouse, shrubbery or something else, you need to call and ensure that there aren’t any particular utilities in that area.

Calling ahead and having the GPR ran over the area can also save lives. Running into a gas line or electrical line can be a life-threatening situation and the person doing the digging may be injured or killed. Don’t risk serious injury or death. Use a utility locating service and call ahead so that you can prevent any danger.

It’s not only wise to call, but it’s also actually a state law. If you don’t call, you could be fined. It’s as simple as a phone call a day or so ahead of time. Call the location in, set up the GPR site survey and wait until it’s finished before digging.

After the GPR site survey be sure that any required permits are in place before digging. It’s that simple. Regardless of where you live, this is a must do task.

Using utility locating GPR is a state law and should be followed. Simply call ahead and follow the required instructions. In most cases, they ask that the dig area be marked with white paint or markings.

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