Using CBD Oil For Allergies


CBD short for cannabidiol is one amongst the many known active ingredients found in cannabis plants. Mostly CBD is got from industrial hemp which has a maximum THC concentration of 0.3%, this means that the plant does not make you high and at the same time giving users a natural remedy for cures. Using CBD oil for allergies can be quite beneficial.

Allergies area result of your body reacting aggressively to foreign substances that may have gotten into your body. The substances may not be harmful but rather your immune system doesn’t recognise the said substance. Most allergens are pollen, mould and dust. During the springtime, trees and plants are waking up releasing a lot of pollen into the air, moulds also start to grow and release spores. Dust carries the pollen, mold and dust making them to cover many surfaces and may even get into your food. Allergies come in when you ingest or breath in the allergens, your immune system fails to recognize the substances and initiates an aggressive counter reaction so as to stop more allergens from entering into your body.

The immune system goes into overdrive trying to expel the allergens out of your body, hence the immune system prompts the body to do the following things

● Partially or completely closing the airways: the body closes airways so as to prevent the allergens from getting into your airways, this is categorised by wheezing and coughing

● Producing extra mucus: to avoid the allergens from passing into the digestive tract and the trachea, the body produces a lot of mucus to trap the allergens. Also a lot of saliva is produced followed by rapidly filling sinuses

● Inflammation: the body inflames the airways as it is convinced it is an infection.
Allergies vary from person to person but these are general signs and symptoms of allergy related body reactions.
CBD oil is beneficial as it helps combat these allergies through the following ways:

● Opening up the airways: some studies have been conducted and it has been found out that CBD helps in opening up the airways helping you breathe better. It has been found to help also in asthma attacks as it opens up the airways. CBD controls the production of mucus to keep production at the normal rate and therefore clearing the airways if mucus clatter.

● Immune system boost: CBD has been proven to improve your immune system and give it a boost. By giving the immune system a boost, it will prevent it from going into overdrive as the body is sure it cannot be affected by the allergens. It enables the immune system to act in mildly aggressive manner that will not trigger an allergic reaction

● Increasing focus : When you are bombarded by an allergic reaction, it becomes hard to concentrate as you are mostly thinking about your ailing self. You shift your focus on the symptoms and the discomfort they bring. You tend to think of the inconvenience the symptoms have caused you and how life was easier when you could breathe without difficulty. CBD oil will help alleviate the symptoms and get you up running. CBD also triggers your brain to concentrate more hence you will be able to bypass thinking about the symptoms.

That’s what you need to know about CBD oil for allergies.

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