Tips For Storing Your Kitchen Knives


Having sharp knives in your kitchen is the key to culinary success. As much as you need to buy the right knives, you need to know how to store them correctly. Here are some useful tips on how to store kitchen knives.

1. Drawer Storage

You need to choose the best and safest storage option for your home. If you are looking to keep your knives away from children or pets, you need to consider storing them in drawers. Of course, you shouldn’t toss them in the empty space. You will cut yourself when you are grabbing a knife. Alternatively, you might damage the blade.

If possible, look for drawer inserts, specifically those made for storing knives. Each blade will be stored properly and there will be no jostling or mixing with other utensils. There are many drawer inserts available but you should choose one with slots that fit different types of knives.

2. Countertop Storage

When you think of a good storage idea for your knives, your mind immediately imagines a simple knife block. It’s actually the most popular way of storing kitchen knives especially since most knives are sold with their own block. Keep in mind that if your buy your set of knives this way, you can only store those knives and nothing else.

If you ever buy new knives, you need another block to store them. If you have different types of knives, you should look for a block that allows for different sizes. You can buy knife blocks with wooden or plastic rods in the middle. That way, you can flex and meet your knife storage needs.

When you are storing your knife in the block, you should slide it in with the back side (the duller part) of the knife pressing the block. That way, the cutting edge remains sharp and you don’t need to sharpen your knives every now and then.

3. Wall Storage

If you have enough space in your kitchen, you can install a magnetic knife strip above the counter. It’s a stylish way of storing your knives and you can save a lot of space in your counters or drawers. Even better, you will be able to see each blade and you won’t spend a lot of time looking for blades, especially if you need to use a specific one.

These magnetic knife strips come in metal or wood finishes so you can easily pick one that matches your kitchen décor. Make sure the magnetic strip has enough strength because it should be able to hold the knife but not strongly that it grabs it from your hand. Note that, you will be damaging the blade if it slaps onto the magnetic strip.

If you choose this storage method for your knives, you need to know how to protect your blades. When placing your knife on the strip, the first part that touches your knife should be the blunt part on the back of the blade. That way, you will not chip the sharp edge if it hits the strip.

Use these knife storage tips for the best convenience in your kitchen.

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