The Most Common Company Recruiting Issues


Recruitment is not easy and there are a lot of issues that you can face when doing this. There are some company recruiting issues that are more common than others and you need to know what they are. When you know what these issues are, you can determine how you could overcome them.

Attracting The Right Candidates

Job listings are often inundated with applications and many of the candidates will be unqualified for the job. Attracting the right candidates is harder than you might imagine and finding them in a pile of irrelevant resumes is a nightmare. The best way to overcome and avoid this issue is to create a smaller pipeline for candidates.

To achieve this, you need to be clear about the requirements for the job in the advert. You also need to have an application form which includes knock-out questions. An example of this will be a job that requires skills in a certain software program. In the application form, ask a yes or no question about this software and you will be able to screen out people who are not suited to the role.

Slow Hiring Processes

You need to hire someone as quickly as possible because an empty position will cost money and delay operations. A common issue that companies have is that their hiring process is too long. For some roles, the hiring process can take months to complete and this is not a viable business practice.

To overcome this issue, you need to take a long, hard look at your hiring process. You should ask if all the stages in the process are necessary or could you drop some. It is possible that you might be able to combine some of the stages to make the process more efficient.

Of course, there are times when you cannot streamline your hiring process any further. This is particularly true when you have hard to fill roles. In these situations, you will need to explain this to hiring teams and tell them what a realistic timeline will be.

Having A Weak Employer Brand

How candidates view you as an employer will play a large role in the quality and quantity of candidates applying for your job. If you have a weak employer brand, fewer people are going to be interested in working with you. This will make higher-level roles quite hard to fill.

There are no quick fixes for this issue and you need to have a long-term strategy in place. This strategy should include replaying politely to all good and bad reviews related to your employee brand. You should also invest in your employees more and let people know because this will make you a better employer. If someone knows they have career progression and good benefits with your company, they are more likely to apply.

There are a lot of common company recruiting issues that you can face. It is important to know what some of them are and take the time to proactively rectify them. Having a streamlined hiring process is important as is a narrow application process. You also need to manage your employer brand.

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