Ride Safer With These Motorcycle Safety Features


Unlike drivers, motorcycle riders are fully exposed to the risks of the road. If you’re considering purchasing a motorcycle, or upgrading your current motorcycle to a newer model, you’ll likely be surprised to learn that the industry is every bit as focused on rider safety as the auto industry is for drivers and passengers. Here are just a few of the innovations that can help you stay safe on the road on a motorcycle.

Anti-lock Brake Systems

Anti-lock brake systems (ABS) are one of the most significant safety features available to cars. One study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) found that between the years 1995 and 2007, ABS had produced a 13% drop in fatal collisions with pedestrians, a 12% drop in collisions with other vehicles on wet roads, and reduced the overall crash rate by 6% in cars and 8% in trucks.

When Bosch created a version for motorcycles, the results were even more significant. In motorcycles with ABS, the rate of fatal accidents falls by 31%.

Motorcycle Stability Control

Motorcycle Stability Control (MSC) systems analyze sensor data to provide more stability when the motorcycle accelerates or decelerates, and through turns, and can play a big role in how wide the path goes in a turn; i.e., whether you end up in the oncoming lane. MSC can prevent wheels from locking and optimize traction and engine torque, even on difficult road surfaces.

Additional Lighting

To be as visible as possible to other vehicles, LED lighting is installed below or on the side of the motorcycle. It’s not just a benefit for other motorists though – downward facing LEDs can give you a much clearer picture of the road you’re riding on in low light conditions.

Another lighting option that can really help a driver behind you is the VoloLight, an LED light that signals you’re decelerating even if you’re not using the brakes.

Wearable Airbags

Of course you’re riding with a helmet to protect your head, but there are a variety of companies experimenting with airbag jackets that can protect your torso. There are several different approaches to how their sensors work, but in effect, within milliseconds of a collision, the jackets inflate almost explosively, meaning that by the time you encounter the ground or another object, you’re buffered by the jacket. Airbag jackets are not cheap, but they could make a big difference in case of an accident.

What To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

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