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Speed and reliability matter when it comes to a customer’s experience on a website. While WordPress is one of the most popular website creation tools used globally, it doesn’t necessarily get its accolades because of its speed. Research indicates as many as 40% of customers will abandon a website if it takes three or more seconds to load. For business owners, this means potential lost sales and even a damaged reputation, since the customer is unlikely to visit the lagging website again. The issue of lack of speed is alleviated with fast WordPress hosting by Pantheon. Pantheon is widely known as the best WordPress host for multinational companies, small boutique businesses and any size in between, mostly because of speed and reliability.

Pantheon Speeds Up Time To First Byte

If you want to measure a website’s performance, you have to look at the Time to First Byte (TTFB) metric. It’s a measurement of the time between the moment a user clicks a link and the moment the browser receives the first byte of content. The average WordPress website is about a half-second slower compared to other sites, which earns it a reputation of being too slow. But when combined with fast WordPress hosting services like Pantheon, the speed of any WordPress website can stack up with or exceed some of the fastest websites on the Internet.

Reliability Is Not Sacrificed For Speed

A valid concern website owners have deals with the possibility of having to sacrifice website reliability in order to get a faster website. With reliable WordPress hosting through Pantheon, you’ll never have to worry about downtime or lag time. Even page view spikes of a million or more views at a time won’t affect a website’s performance, and it’s all because of Pantheon’s innovative infrastructure.

A User’s Experience Is Based On Website Performance

Website owners have to create a quality user experience in order to keep customers coming back to their website. There’s plenty of competition in virtually every industry, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that nearly 80% of consumers who don’t like a particular website will never come back to the website again. Simply having a WordPress website isn’t enough to compete in today’s world, which is why the best websites place a high level of importance on having a fast and reliable WordPress hosting.

Pantheon’s mission is to make the world wide web a top-notch platform that delivers results every time. We strive to make the jobs of website owners easy by allowing them to focus on driving business rather than worrying about how they can deliver a great user experience. Be sure to contact us today to see what plans are available to help your website thrive with fast WordPress hosting.

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