Popular Residential Power Washing Projects


If you just got a new power washer, you may be wondering how best to put it to use. There are a ton of different residential power washing projects that you can tackle around your home. Below are five of the most popular. Try any or all of these projects to make your property look like new again.

1. Exterior Siding. The outside of your home is exposed to a wide range of contaminants. From dirt, dust, and algae to environmental pollutants, all of these contaminants can build up on the surface, making it look dingy, worn, and dated. Cleaning the exterior of your home with your pressure washer can remove all of these contaminants, leaving your siding looking like new again. Just make sure to inspect the siding before you begin, keeping an eye out for any damaged areas that could be too delicate to withstand the force of the pressure washer.

2. Driveways. Your driveway is one of the first things that people see when they pull up to your home. Driveways can become quite dirty, with contaminants ranging from oil to moss and algae covering their surface. With a pressure washer, you can blast all of these contaminants away, revealing the clean concrete or asphalt that lies beneath.

3. Sidewalks. Like driveways, sidewalks can easily become dirty or overgrown with moss. Pressure washing not only makes them look much cleaner but it also can reduce the chances of anyone tripping or slipping on the surface.

4. Wooden decks. When wood is exposed to the weather, it can become dingy looking. The original warmth of the wood fades to a dirty gray color that doesn’t do much to enhance the exterior of your home. With a pressure washer, you can blast away mildew, mold, and dirt, helping the wood look like new again. If you are planning on re-staining your deck, you should definitely power wash it first.

5. Fences. Fences that are made out of wood or vinyl often become discolored because of dirt, mildew, or other contaminants. Pressure washing them can leave them looking much cleaner, adding to your property’s curb appeal. It is amazing how much this one simple project can change the look of your home, making it look much cleaner and much more well-maintained.

6. Lawn furniture. Like other outdoor items that are exposed to the weather, lawn furniture can become quite dirty. Pressure washing is a great way to breathe life back into it again, making it look like you just got it from the store. You may be able to avoid buying new furniture altogether just by cleaning your old pieces with a power washer.

These are just a few of the residential power washing projects that you can do around your home. With the help of a pressure washer, you can completely transform your property, making it look brand-new again. As an added bonus, cleaning the dirt off of all of the surfaces can help them last longer, which is a great way to protect your investment in your home.

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