How to Get a Superior Gaming Experience Without Spending a Fortune


Today, there are so many games that you can enjoy on a mid-range PC, and get acceptable performance, even at 1080P with a lot of detail turned on. However, if you want a superior gaming experience you will usually need to spend a bit more money.

The speed of your processor matters, as does the amount of memory that you have and the type of graphics card that you have. Unfortunately, these things can all cost a huge amount of money. If you don’t have several hundred dollars to drop on a GPU update or to get a new processor, then you will need to find other ways of improving the experience that you get.

Peripherals and Software

One area that is often neglected when it comes to crafting a superior gaming experience is that of peripherals and software. If you want to enjoy an MMO, you want a good mouse and a headset that is comfortable to wear. If you’re playing a game such as StarCraft that has a requirement of a high APM in order to be a competitive player then you probably need a responsive mechanical keyboard.

Pro fighting game players require good game controllers and often swear by something other than the stock controller.

You can spend a fair amount of money on a mechanical keyboard, a Corsair or Razer gaming mouse, and a Sennheiser headset. These are expensive purchases, it’s true, but they’re still significantly less costly, and more future-proof, than a processor or a GPU.

This means that buying quality peripherals now isn’t a waste of money if you end up deciding to upgrade your motherboard and memory at a later date.

The same applies to software. Sometimes, getting rid of bloatware in favor of slightly better utilities can make all the difference. Even upgrading from an older version of windows to Windows 10 could open up new options for you in terms of gaming.

Speed Up Game Loading

One of the cheapest updates you can do for your PC is to get an SSD. If you currently have only a mechancial hard drive and your PC is booting slowly and games are taking a long time to load, then getting an SSD instead could make all the difference. Today, 250GB SSDs are incredibly inexpensive and they are more than big enough to hold an operating system and a couple of games.

Installing an SSD and using it as your boot drive, and to run games, will vastly reduce the time it takes for your computer to boot compared to using a mechanical drive and it will also help to make loading times for games a lot quicker as well. If you’re experiencing crunching and paging while you are loading games, why not give it a go?

The above are just a few ideas for affordable ways to improve your gaming experience while avoiding the risk of wasted money. In the long term, ugrades to the CPU, memory and GPU are ideal, but they can be expensive.

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