Discovering The Best Streaming Services By Channel


Are you still paying for cable TV or satellite to watch live premium sports and movies? Then you have to get with the program and go with today’s times considering the revolution that has changed how you can watch your favorite movies and also cutting your bill by almost half. Gone are the days of buying expensive discs and tuning in live to watch shows on-demand. The Internet has tapped into the giant entertainment industry providing video streaming services that give viewers a chance to watch their shows whenever and wherever they want. Here are the best streaming services by channel to pick from.


Netflix is the great-granddaddy and juggernaut of modern-day streaming services and is, in fact, the most popular and best streaming channel across the globe. Netflix sets the standards when it comes to streaming, hosting an impressive collection of mind-bending shows at all times, eclipsing other major streaming competitors. With Netflix releasing so many high-quality original content at a rapid rate, they are soaring high on record-breaking viewership across the globe with the numbers set to grow through the year. You can go for the monthly $7.99 basic plan and enjoy unlimited original programming in standard definition on a single device at a time. You can unlock HD content with a standard plan of $10.99 that allows two devices to stream simultaneously. The premium plan is top-of-the-line and costs $13.99 per month, providing an ultra-high-definition. It can support up to four concurrent streams and gives you access to 4K content whenever.

Sling TV

Sling TV aims at replacing live cable TV with a cost-effective and reliable streaming video service. It offers over 30 channels that include Disney content, extra comedy packages and sports channels like ESPN and NBA TV. It provides flexibility in its packages with a price range of between $20-$30 depending on the plan you use. There are typically two pricing alternatives to choose from Sling Blue or Sling Orange. Sling Orange charges from $20 per month providing viewers with 25+ channels that include Disney, ESPN, CNN, AMC and HGTV. Sling Blue, on the other hand, charges $25 and offers up to 40+ channels including TLC, Discovery, NFL and a full channel lineup to choose from. To get the best from both worlds, you can go for the Sling Orange + Sling Blue plan that costs $40 per month and offers more than 50+ channels. They also have a DVR feature that allows recording and storage of up to 50 hours of content.

Other best streaming services by channel include Showtime, HBO, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. As you can see, there’s an array of streaming services out there both paid and free; it’s all about discovering the right balance between the content you want to watch and your price range. There’s every channel for everybody, so you have to look for the best streaming services that suit your needs perfectly without compromising on the quality. As a viewer, you should beware of free streaming services because they will either have numerous ads popping up or will most likely be selling your viewing information and habits. In this case, you’re not the customer but a product!

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