Best Nerf Gun Models – Advice on Choosing the Right Model for You



Are you looking for some helpful suggestions on how to buy the best nerf gun? If so, you’re certainly not alone, as the wide range of different nerf guns on the market right now is enough to leave anyone confused.

In this guide, we’re going to hone in on the best models available right now and single out the reasons why you may want to choose any particular one. So, with this in mind, let’s begin.

Option 1 – N-Strike Elite Strongarm

This particular model is widely regarded as the flagship nerf gun on the market right now, and it’s easy to see why it’s such a popular favorite with fans of all ages. It comes with 6 darts that are ready to fire, and it offers a jaw-dropping range of 90 feet, and that’s complete with a rapid-fire mode, too.

In terms of weight, it’s a fairly comfortable option weighing in at just 1.2 pounds, but the impressive range is surely one of the best reasons to consider this as the best nerf gun models around at the moment.

Option 2 – Rival Nemesis MXV11-10K

If you’re less concerned about precision at range and would rather go for a barrage volley attack, then investing in this particular model will be the perfect choice for you. It’s designed to carry up to 100 pellets per fill, and the battery operated design means it’ll have no trouble when it comes to pummelling your designated target in no time at all.

It’s a weightier option though, weighing in at a whopping 8 pounds, but it’s certainly worth the added hassle when you see the kind of firepower that this nerf gun can deliver at a moment’s notice. It’s also very quick and straightforward to reload, so even when you’re out of pellets there won’t be much delay in the fun.

Option 3 – N-Strike Elite Retaliator

This model strikes a nice balance between precision and quantity of darts, coming with the ability to fire up to 90 yards without any worry, but the stock and clip will also keep you in the action for longer and cut down on those pesky reloading delays.

In reality, you can expect the darts to reach roughly 75 yards most of the time, but the 12 dart clip will certainly help you to keep your firepower output at a respectable pace. Furthermore, it’s possible to purchase additional stocks and clips for faster reloading times, and this is definitely a smart investment to consider if you choose this nerf gun.

Option 4 – N-Strike Elite Rampage Blaster

Here’s an interesting nerf gun that offers you a barrel drum that’s perfectly capable of storing up to 25 darts at any single time, and it will give you an impressive 75-yard range with every shot, too.

What’s more, this gun is very comfortable in the hands thanks to the well-proportioned design, and this further helps to bump up the accuracy you’ll be able to achieve with this particular model, making it one of the best nerf gun options to consider.

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