ACT Math Prep: A Helpful Guide


Taking the ACT is something that many high schoolers do to help them with admission to college. Most colleges will accept scores from the ACT or SAT so it is always a good idea to decide which test you should take for the college that you want to apply to. If you have found that you will be taking the ACT, it is a great idea to prepare for it and you can do just that by reading the following ACT math prep tips.

First of all, it is a good idea to acquaint yourself with the types of questions that will be on the test. You can do this by buying a ACT math prep book or by looking online for preparation questions. Either way is a great option and will allow you to familiarize yourself with the test so you can be sure to do your very best.

Then, you should practice these items that you found. This will help you practice your math skills and then determine what concepts you still need additional time working on. You can work on these concepts by asking a math teacher or a trusted friend to help you with them. With this knowledge, you can revisit the math questions that are like the ones you may see on the ACT to ensure you have a true understanding of how to solve the problems.

After that, you will want to practice answering questions in a timely manner. On the math portion of the ACT, just like every other part of the test, there is a time limit. This means that you will want to consider this limit and the number of questions to help you determine just how quickly you are going to have to work to answer the maximum number of questions. The more you practice answering questions as quick as you can, the better you will score on the test you take. However, it is important to not work so fast that you make careless mistakes since this can hurt your score.

Finally, once it is test day, you will want to show up confident. The more you believe you will do well on the test, the better you will do. Then, as you begin to answer the math questions, it is important that you use the paper provided to help you work out the problems. This will allow you to show your thinking to yourself and have a better chance of answering the questions correctly. Plus, if you make a mistake during the solving process, you will be able to revisit your written work to make the changes. Also, you will want to answer the questions that you are able to first. Do not worry about going in order. You can always go back and answer the questions that you skipped, but at least you will be able to answer the ones you are able to.

To conclude, when you are preparing to take the ACT, you will want to do as much preparation as possible to help you achieve the highest possible score.

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