A Philo Review


There is so many cable service streaming alternatives nowadays that it can be difficult to choose one. Many streaming services cost just as much (if not more) than the cable service they are meant to replace. That is where Philo differs. It is meant to offer cord-cutters a true lower-cost alternative. We will be going over whether or not Philo lives up to it’s billing as a viable cable replacement service in our Philo review.

A Philo Review:

1. Cost.

Firstly, Philo costs $20 per month with no contract or commitments. This makes it one of the lowest-priced streaming services on the market.

2. Channels.

The service comes with a total of 58 channels including some of the most popular and sought after channels like MTV, AMC, Discovery, History, and more. One of the good things about the service and the channel lineup is that you are not going to be faced with local restrictions. Therefore, you will get the same content no matter where you travel to throughout the USA as long as you are signed up for the service. However, the downside to that is that you are going to miss out on all of the local content which you might get with other services that have those restrictions. This lack of local content might be a deal-breaker for those that enjoy watching local news and even live sports. The lack of live sports is one of the reasons the service is so affordable as it mainly centers around entertainment, reality, and lifestyle content.

3. Unlimited Recordings.

This is another area where the streaming service shines. Philo offers unlimited recordings which means you don’t have to deal with the DVR limits that a majority of the other streaming services force on their customers. This is great for those that enjoy recording a lot of the content they watch.

4. Device Limit.

Unlike some of the other streaming platforms that limit you to two concurrent streams, you get up to three devices at the same time with Philo. This makes Philo a reasonable alternative for those that are looking to replace the cable for an entire family.

Is It Worth It?

This streaming service is certainly a good value for a specific niche. The good thing about Philo has to be the value that it offers at such a low price. As long as you either don’t want to watch live sports and local content or you have alternatives to view those, you should be completely satisfied with the service. However, if you rely on local content and sports and you don’t have an alternative solution like an antenna, you might want to look elsewhere. The overall features that are included as well as the performance are exceptional at the price you are paying. Whether or not the service is worth it will come down to what you enjoy watching and whether or not Philo offers enough to justify its price for your needs. For some, it will be an absolute bargain and others might be left wishing they paid extra for a more comprehensive channel lineup.

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