Our Top 5 Popular Dog Breeds



Everyone may have their favorite breed of dog. However, there seem to be a few breeds that top the charts when it comes to popularity! Let’s take a quick look at a few of them now.

The Bouncy Boxer

Have you noticed that there seem to be more and more Boxers around these days? It’s for good reason! Even though this breed can look rather large and even daunting, in most cases you could not be further from the truth! Boxers tend to make ideal family pets thanks to their affectionate nature, sense of loyalty and insatiable appetite for playtime!

Of course, like any breed, Boxers need to be trained correctly. They love to jump, love to run and can cause inadvertent damage simply due to their sheer size and exuberance when they see anyone that they love!

The Pretty Poodle

Poodles may once have been the taste of aristocracy but nowadays they make a great pet for many families the world over. Of course, they are very well known as being entertaining performers and poodle owners should be ready to invest plenty of time and effort into training their Poodle, these dogs love to learn and love to perform!

The great thing about poodles is that they come in the right size to fit your family! You can choose toy, miniature or standard. Thankfully for Poodle owners, this breed is known for its longevity. Indeed a very well deserved place on our list of 5 popular dog breeds!

The fanciful French Bulldog

There is no doubt that these little guys have grown in popularity in recent times, in fact, we seem to see them everywhere! Of course, we can hardly be surprised at why this breed has become so common and indeed has a spot on our top 5 popular dog breeds. From its playful nature to its cuddly disposition and adorable wrinkles, there is a lot to fall in love with if you opt for this breed. The size is also ideal for someone who doesn’t want a large breed to care for, but still wants something that doesn’t feel as delicate as typical small breed dogs.

The Brilliant Beagle

Once a Beagle lover always Beagle lover! From its boundless energy to its robust and fun nature, Beagles have a way of stealing the hearts of everyone in the family very quickly. Just be sure you are ready for all the mischief, sniffing and curiosity that comes along with this fun and affectionate breed.

The Gregarious Golden Retriever

There is a reason why Golden Retrievers have long been viewed as a family pet. In general. this breed is loyal, loving and has a very big heart. These dogs also work very well as therapy dogs thanks to their sunny and happy disposition.

Do you agree with our top 5 dog breeds? Of course, there are many others which could have been on this list and with plenty of good reasons but we hope you enjoyed a taste of the breeds we adore!

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